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Meant To Move Pilates

Meant To Move, LLC is a studio providing lessons in Fletcher Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR). Both Pilates and YBR provide techniques to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the whole body. These techniques lead to more flexibility, greater muscle tone, better posture and proper alignment of joints, which decrease risk of injury, as well as enhancing your ability to do all of the activities you love in your life!

The studio offers a safe and supportive environment, and is appropriate for beginners to advanced athletes, and everyone in between! The studio is equipped with traditional Pilates equipment, as well as small equipment and Yamuna Body Rolling balls. All you need is your workout clothes, the work is done barefoot. To schedule your appointment now call 610-442-9999, or send an email.



Regardless of level of fitness, age, goals, or history of injuries Pilates is for you. All lessons are designed to meet each student's individual needs.

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Yamuna Body Rolling

It is through the understanding of the body's anatomy, finding proper alignment of joints, as well as elongating and toning the muscles, that the use of muscles become unrestricted.

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